Scholarship & Tuition

TAEJAE is committed to meeting 100% of students’ academic financial needs to ensure that our students can fully utilize all the educational opportunities TAEJAE has to offer.

TAEJAE University provides several types of scholarships, which benefit all eligible students—both currently enrolled and recently graduated. As a four-year education at TAEJAE is valued at more than $160,000, the TAEJAE Scholarships offers considerably more financial support than most higher education institutions around the world.

TAEJAE University is eager to support our students by investing in their future. TAEJAE’s scholarships are granted according to our need-assessment system, which is based on the standards of income-based financial aid eligibility determined by KOSAF, South Korea’s state scholarship committee.


100% for Korean students up to Front 5 tiers: This refers to the tuition aid calculated according to the KOSAF criteria, following “the recognized amount of income”.


TAEJAE University is committed to supporting students who show potential to be creative innovators. Our customized post-graduation scholarship program encourages our alumni to pursue educational and employment opportunities that will promote their professional growth.