Global Engagement

TAEJAE’s Residential Campus Program is an ancillary for-credit course designed to create cultural, literary, and historical experiences that help our students better understand the Global Rotation locations that are crucial to TAEJAE’s educational objectives. Having a firm grasp of these countries’ and cities’ social, cultural, and historical circumstances inspires and empowers our students to broaden their global perspectives and shape their goals for the future. The Residential Campus (RC) Program & Study Tour are complementary components centered around learning themes specific to each nation’s history and development. Each semester features a monthly Residential Campus Program activity schedule of academic foundations, such as special lectures series or book and film clubs, central to each country’s learning themes. These activities provide the basis for active analysis and exploration through the Study Tour.

One of the Global Engagement Program’s primary purposes is to foster a sense of connection between students and their surroundings, giving students the opportunity to experience university life in different countries and cultures and to discover who they are as citizens of the world and members of the TAEJAE community. Participating in Residential Campus Programs is one of the best ways for our students to intellectually connect with and learn about one another through cultural exchanges outside of coursework and classroom settings.

In addition to the credited Residential Campus Program, students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as student societies, student publications, community service, athletic clubs, etc., which students can organize according to their interests and apply for sponsorship from the University. Given the unusual nature of TAEJAE’s curriculum and structure, it is vital that TAEJAE students believe in and practice shared support and collaboration to get the most out of their educational and social growth. Building a sense of community, belonging, and understanding is one of the most important parts of the environment TAEJAE strives to provide for its students. As such, the University provides robust support for student-led activity groups that allow students to pursue the values of communication and collaboration, diversity and empathy.

Core Themes of Residential
Campus Programs