Global Engagement

In each Global Rotation city, students will have ample opportunity to experience the city and country for themselves. In doing so, they will no doubt encounter civic issues that draw their interest, whether they are issues of population, environment, infrastructure, accessibility, or any other aspect of lived experience in a major city.

Civic Projects provide students with opportunities to explore these interests more deeply and combine them with their academic learning. Civic Projects are interdisciplinary, problem-based learning modules designed to help students examine country- or region-specific issues while immersing themselves in local culture and society. The semester-long module consists of a faculty-guided team project structured to be adaptable to each team’s specialized interests and passions.


Over the course of each semester, students will form groups up to plan and implement a field project that analyzes problems and designs solutions for a civic issue specific to the Global Rotation city they are currently based in. All Civic Projects will require active engagement with local institutions, community organizations, or businesses, as well as constructive teamwork and collaboration between group members. In addition to applying academic theories to real-world issues and solutions, students will also gain first-hand experience in practical problem-solving and theoretically and methodologically engineering civic solutions. Civic Projects further provide valuable opportunities for students to exercise vital skills such as long-term planning, time management, leadership, adaptive trial and error, and proactive self-direction. Students are evaluated through periodic progress reports and a final presentation of the results of their projects to faculty and cohorts.